About Jack

           Hagop Zarmenian is one of the youngest raising Dj’s in Kuwait known as Dj Jackz who is considered to be one of the best Dj’s in Kuwait’s music industry. For a 21 year old that is a resident Dj for Kuwait’s number one radio station 88.8 Fm. As of his background coming from Armenia, his cultural perspective gives his taste of music kind of a difference from many local dj’s that are raising as well.
He started his journey when he was at the age of 16, branding himself by selling out tickets to local people to come to his private parties. As every other dj he got bigger and better by day. organizing big events in the Kuwaiti desert was his specialty. Going to Thailand, Bangkok was one of his biggest success, being booked for a whole month playing in front of a big audience, which lead him to becoming a dj in a radio station.  
As of his work ethics, Hagop has a weekly radio show that is named after ‘Jackz colors’ that contains different taste of his music. As of Kuwait’s mentality clubs are restricted. Never the less restaurant owners contact him for giving his taste of music to the people, being fully reserved is something not odd for a talented worker.  
Lastly, hagop zarmenian’s intentions is to make it up there just like anyone else. With his hard work and tremendous verity of music, you will all get to listen to him playing listenable tracks that would make you dance. Remember the name!